The Case of the Correct Diagnosis

Stress claims are not the claimant/PI Attorney bonanza they were once upon a time, but they have not disappeared altogether.

This claim was based on workplace trauma and incident alleged to be so severe that our traumatized claimant could not work and filed for financial relief courtesy of the Worker’s Compensation carrier. According to her claim she could not leave her house or speak to anyone outside her immediate family.

She began treating with a psychiatrist as well. As the weeks rolled by, she showed no improvement.The examiner on the claim was among the people she could not speak to, and the claimant’s mother had to act as her representative.

The psychiatrist continued to treat with no result and no idea of what might be wrong with her that could be cured. The examiner on the other hand diagnosed the case perfectly. Her prescription? Put the claimant under surveillance.

She assigned the case to us. Before long, our investigator had ample videotape of this claimant working at a hair salon on a regular basis. The video showed her laughing and chatting with customers while she did their hair. The examiner’s diagnosis was correct; a severe case of insurance fraud.

The insurance carrier decided to pursue criminal prosecution of this claimant. To get further evidence, one of our investigators showed up unannounced at the hair salon and found her there, working. He got a statement from her in which, she lied repeatedly, about when she started working, her work schedule and about other activities we had documented during our investigation.

Our Special Investigations Unit packaged up the evidence and sent it to the authorities. We have recently learned that the examiner’s diagnosis combined with our investigator’s effective treatment has resulted in a full cure of our “traumatized” claimant. She has been arrested for insurance fraud.

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