Truck Adjusting in Southern CA

I am an after-hours truck adjuster for David Morse & Associates (DMA). A successful truck adjuster makes life easier for the examiner and company assigning – and that means making settlement possible at the earliest possible juncture. If he or she can do that, there will be plenty of work assigned.

This is the story of a routine assignment that came in very early on a Tuesday morning – nothing spectacular, but a demonstration of effective adjusting that supports rapid file closure. We got to the scene (not always easy in Southern California on a weekday morning). Our driver and his damaged rig were on the shoulder, having rear-ended another big rig when traffic stopped suddenly. We waited for a wrecker to arrive and tow the equipment away. I then gave the driver a ride to his company’s yard.

The other vehicle had left the scene as it was drivable. All we had was the DOT number. I ran the number, found the company, went there, got a supervisor to put me in touch with the driver, met the driver and got his statement (and because I speak Spanish no interpreter or delay was required). All this was done on the day of the accident, and reported shortly thereafter. Our client knew exactly what happened, who was liable, and was able to reserve the loss.

As I say this is routine adjusting, just done faster than most can do it. A factor in the speed with which the claim is handled is an attitude that the necessary information and people are available, and it is just a matter of showing up in the right place. Of course one has to know how to obtain the address of the right place and the name of the right person. At times we will arrive at the scene and the other party has been transported to the hospital – all we have is a license plate number. In a recent example along that line we ran the license plate, got the claimant’s name, found the hospital, went there, got into the Intensive Care Unit, spoke with the claimant to get her status, and reported to our client who was then able to put reserves on the file the day the accident happened.

DMA in California, New York, Chicago and elsewhere is blessed to have many truck adjusters on its staff with similar stories to tell, similar successes and devoted clientele. We do not lack for work – but there is always room to squeeze in more.

For after-hours work, use our 24/7 Dispatch Line: 866-DMA-TRUCK (866-362-8782). It is manned by a truck adjuster who knows just how time-critical your assignment is. He can locate an adjuster and determine availability within minutes. .

For routine work, assignments@davidmorse.com or 323-275-2100 are the best ways to get assignments to us..

David Gutierrez

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