Insurance fraud is a significant factor in insurance costs. Estimates of insurance premium devoted to paying fraudulent claims range from 5% to 30% and any of these percentages translate into billions of dollars lost.

The front line in the fight against many types of insurance fraud is the field investigator, armed with digital camcorder and telescopic lens. Here is where the truth as to physical condition and claimed disability can be found.

The success or failure of efforts to defeat insurance fraud will often rest on the shoulders of the individual investigator. It is the experience of the investigator that helps him do his/her job unseen, anticipate subject activity, and determine the best ways to observe that activity. It is the investigator’s persistence that overcomes obstacles and produces results despite them.

The responsiveness of an investigator to client communications helps make a team effort out of investigation, increasing the likelihood of success.

Ultimately, a single factor in our experience controls all others and is characteristic of all the great investigators. This factor is intention, or stated another way, the degree to which the investigator wants the product.

DMA Investigations (David Morse & Associates) is blessed with many excellent investigators. This small volume tells the story of a few selected cases in which the attributes above are demonstrated.

Whether you pay or deny a fraudulent claim depends much more on the individual investigator than the helpfulness of websites, the charm of marketing representatives and the wide variety of other offerings made by investigative firms.

Document the truth, then just say “No.”. Our investigators are ready to assist.

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